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Why Our 300mg Is The Most Popular Strength

Why our 300mg is the most popular strength

Our 300mg CBD is a great preparation to start on if you’ve not used CBD oil before. Most of our customers who use the 300mg are seeing great results on roughly 10 drops twice per day, morning and evening (about 30-60 minutes before bed). To maximize the efficiency of CBD oil, apply the drops directly under your tongue for about 45-60 seconds before swallowing.

At Oil Science, we like to start our customers off slowly, but give them the chance to play around with the dosage because all of us react differently to CBD.  We are also very conscious that our Government has stipulated that consumers should take no more than 20mg per day.  So, at this dosage (10 drops in the morning and 10 drops 30-60 minutes before bed), your bottle should last you a month.

We’ve also found that this dose might be too much or too little so feel free to play around with the dosage.

The feedback that we’re getting is that people are using CBD to help them treat conditions like, stress, anxiety, sleep, depression, pain management, skin disorders, diabetes.  But there are many people who use it just to maintain a general level of good health.

We have the 300mg available in two flavours: Natural and Cinnamon. Both flavours will give you the same benefits, just the taste of each is different.

We have broken down the medical dropper and amount of drops below into CBD strength for you:
1 full dropper (1ml) is roughly 20 drops which is equivalent to 10mg CBD
½ dropper (0.5ml) is roughly 10 drops which is equivalent to 5mg CBD
1 single drop is equivalent to roughly 0.5mg CBD

For more information visit our website at or call us directly on 073 451 2690.

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