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Why Is GMP Manufacturing Important?

Why is GMP manufacturing important?

It’s no secret anymore that CBD products are part of our daily lives.  It’s meant that there are many new brands selling and marketing their products to the general public.  But not all CBD products are created equal.

On a daily basis, I get told stories of how people get their CBD and one of my questions is always, “Was it made in a GMP facility”?

The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard is a global one and it’s a standard that all food, dietary supplements, drugs and cosmetics (there are separate ones for the different product categories) are held to in order to ensure consumer safety.

For us at Oil Science, we want our products to represent:

  1. Safe products that are THC free. This means no psychoactive effects.
  2. Are certified by a 3rd party laboratory so you’re getting what the bottle says
  3. And quality and consistency. This means manufacturing our products in GMP certified facilities.

So why is it important to have CBD products manufactured to these standards?


Oil Science uses GMP facilities so we’re able to ensure that the claims we make, are in fact true.  All of our batches are numbered with an expiry date so Oil Science, and our customers, are able to hold the GMP facility accountable.

It also allows us to formulate a variety of products based on feedback that we get from our customers and know that it’ll be created to our exact specifications.


Once our customer’s find a product that works for them, they want the next product to be exactly the same.  Using GMP facilities allows us to give our customers this assurance.

Each batch of product is made according to a specific formulation so GMP facilities will make sure this level of consistency is maintained.


GMP requires that each phase of the manufacturing process is documented and tested.  This allows us to see the quality of the raw material that is used to manufacture our product.  From the raw material, we’re able to make sure the extract has the required cannabinoids to produce the product that we want.

GMP also requires that each Oil Science batch is numbered so it allows our customers to trace the product back to the facility it was produced in as well as when it was manufactured.  This gives customers full transparency on each of our products and allows them to hold us to account.

Oil Science wants consumers to understand that CBD products should be produced like any other dietary supplement or pharmaceutical.  Before they buy CBD products, they need to know what questions to ask and the first question should be, “Where is this product manufactured?”

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