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Oil Science makes it so easy to get clean & reliable CBD on a monthly basis. Been using CDB to treat anxiety, stress and headaches. So far so good, my anxiety & mood has improved, and my headaches have been halved in jus using it for almost 2 weeks.

I can honestly say that oil science CBD oil is life changing. I can absolutely see the benefits in my overall anxiety and quality of sleep. I tell everyone I know about this product because I whole-heartedly believe in it.

Our subscription order is like getting a present every month. My fur babies are lost without it. Both are on 1 full dropper every evening, and they sleep with no hassles. The little Jack Russell almost falls asleep immediately. And they both wake up such happy dogs. There also seems to be a big improvement in the arthritis of our Pitbull.

I have severe back pain and have taken conceivable pain medication, but nothing seemed to work. I came across the Oil Science CBD products online after my first purchase I consulted Gillian about dosage before use. We agreed on starting with the minimal dosage and working up to see what works for me. I now take the CBD oil twice a day (morning and evening). This helps me manage my pain so that I can get through the day as well as have a good night sleep. Subscription takes away the stress of ordering the product monthly as this is now done automatically for me and delivered straight to my door. I highly recommend Oil Science for their products and excellent service.

Having suffered from agonizing hip pain & ongoing headaches, which affected my physical mobility, general wellbeing including insomnia and not to mention the daily intake of western medicine, I decided to try the CBD oil. After using the CBD oil nightly, my pain has diminished almost completely. I have not encountered a headache or used any pain meds / anti-inflammatories since starting to take the CBD oil. On days where I feel a little discomfort / slight pain I use the CBD rescue gel. The subscription offer is definitely value for money, service and delivery is prompt and hassle free. I can vouch for the product and highly recommend all aspects to give it a go.

My old husky Lumi has cancer, losing her hair & struggles with movement. I came across Oil Science CBD for pets and I have not looked back. She has virtually had all her hair grow back and I can see an improvement in her. I opted for the subscription as 1. I did not have to order every month, this would be automatically updated for me which saves time and effort on busy days, and 2. It is an excellent price when I moved to subscription as I was able to save over R100 a month.

The monthly subscription is convenient – I don’t have to
remember to order or keep track. It’s just something that is
ticked off from my list! For me, I like to have the best CBD in
our home to maintain a healthy and calm gut. Oil Science
provides the best customer care too.

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