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“Great products work effectively from the get-go. Our whole family is using it and these CDB oils are now part of our daily routine. Works best for daily anxiety while keeping us healthy in a natural and organic manner. The Oil Science CBD products are great, and we can’t go without it.” – Mario


“Oil Science CBD has made a significant difference to my anxiety, depression and peri-menopause.  Prior to trying Oil Science CBD my moods and energy were low, my memory shocking and my anxiety very high.  Within days of trying CBD, I had more energy, felt more focussed, my short-term memory was stronger, and my social anxiety was virtually eradicated.

In addition, when I realised the impact on focus and memory, I agreed to let my 14-year-old daughter try it as she suffers from ADD.  She equally reported an almost instant and dramatic shift in her ability to focus and manage her schoolwork.

I am a huge advocate of Oil Science CBD as I have personally experienced the phenomenal life changing results.” – Nicky


“My Name is Marsha and I’m an Epileptic who has been suffering with it for 5 years.  Taking so many medications from so many doctors with no relief.  They’ve all played around with the dosages to get it right but to no avail.  I’ve dislocated my shoulder over 10 times now, which means I need to have an operation to keep my shoulder from dislocating again.  I’ve been on the CBD oil now for a little over 3 weeks now with gradual but distinctive change in my body.  I have not had a seizure  since being on the oil, I sleep better, I can walk with without holding walls, I don’t suffer from headaches.  I can look into bright light and not feel like I’m going to collapse.  Thank You –  you have changed my life for the better in so many ways I even have a bit more energy to do things that I could not even try before.

Many thanks” – Marsha

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