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Common CBD Questions

Common CBD Questions

5 Most Common Questions asked at Oil Science

CBD is still relatively new and unexplored within South African. There is still some uncertainty about which “CBD is right for me” so people still have many questions about CBD.

At Oil Science we have numerous ways for our customers to contact with us with their questions. We have email, live chat, telephone and our social pages (Instagram and Facebook). So, to make it easier for you, we’ve gathered the top 5 questions being asked and have answered them for you.

Will CBD help me, and can my family member’s/friends use CBD Oil?

CBD oil is known to help with many ailments from headaches, diabetes and inflammation to pain management, insomnia and anxiety.  As we are not medical professionals, it would be best to chat with your Doctor or natural practitioner, especially in regard to taking this in conjunction with western medicine.

We have many customers benefiting and enjoying the CBD product, and we also have customers who are giving this to their children, parents and fur kids, that are seeing some great results.

What is the difference between the 300mg and 1000mg?

The difference between the 300mg and 1000mg CBD oil is the strength of the CBD within the 30ml bottle. For example:

300mg, 1 single drop = roughly 0.5mg

1000mg, 1 single drop = roughly 1.6mg

If you have not used CBD before, it may be best to start with the lower strength and work your way up to the higher strength CBD oil.

How much of the oil do I take?

For us the most important thing is to find out what works best for you, so play around with your dosage. It is best to consume the CBD oil by dropping it under your tongue and keeping it there for about 45-60 seconds, as this way, more CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream. We find that taking the CBD oil twice a day is more beneficial, as this ensures there is a constant flow of cannabinoids through the body, which helps the body reach a state of homeostasis quicker.

We find the most beneficial dosage among Oil Science customers is as follows:

300mg: roughly 10 drops twice per day

1000mg: roughly 3-6 drops twice per day

Where can I buy this?

We have a few options where you can purchase the Oil Science CBD goods. We have an online shop, where we will deliver straight to your door within 1-5 working days, or you can walk into our store which is based at Century Village in Cape Town. We are also stocked in a few pharmacies, health shops, vets and CrossFit box’s.

How does the subscription offer work?

The subscription offer online is currently for monthly orders. Eg. If you place your first subscription order on the 15th April, your next order will go off on the 15th May and every 15th of the month going forward. Every month the same order will be initiated, your account will be debited, and well then send you your Oil Science product.

With the monthly subscription you will be saving up to 45% off the original price and you are welcome to cancel at any time.

Our aim is to try make the subscription offer as easy and as ‘hassle-free as possible for you. You are welcome to add or edit your subscription at any time and you’re  welcome to pause the subscription for a period of time. If you find that you’re taking  more or less than 4 weeks to get through your bottle, please contact us and we can arrange a more flexible subscription for you.

You can contact us via email, live chat or phone call:

073 451 2690

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