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4 Reasons Why Our Monthly Subscription Service Is A No-Brainer

4 Reasons Why Our Monthly Subscription Service Is A No-Brainer

You Need to Use CBD Regularly In Order To See Results –

If you really want to see results and enjoy the benefits of using CBD products then you’re going to need to take your CBD product regularly and consistently. Oil Science customers that have successfully built CBD into their daily routines have seen the best results. If used correctly, our 30ml CBD Oil tinctures should last you roughly a month.

However, buying CBD products every month can put a bit of strain on your wallet and its just another thing that you need to remember to do each month. Don’t worry! Oil Science has got you covered with our monthly subscription option.

BIG Savings –

The first and biggest benefit of purchasing a monthly subscription with Oil Science is that you automatically save a whopping 45% off the normal once-off cost of each product. This means that you are paying almost half the regular price!

Convenience –

Life is chaotic and there is so much to remember to do on a monthly basis. There are bills to pay, food to buy, and a whole of host of other things to consider at the start of each new month.

When you purchase a monthly subscription through Oil Science, the products that you have ordered will automatically be delivered to you on the same day each month. At the same time, your credit card / debit card will also be debited. Remembering to stock up each month is now hassle-free.

Cancel Anytime –

Life happens and things change which is why it is never ideal being locked into a long-term contract or subscription. With our monthly subscription option, you can cancel, pause or amend your subscription at any time when logged into your profile on our website.

There are zero cancellation fee’s and you can restart your subscription at the click of a button.

How to Start A Subscription With Us –

Starting a monthly subscription with us is super quick and easy. Just follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – Login

Visit and login to your profile. You will need to quickly register an account if you haven’t got one already.

Step 2 – Choose Products

When viewing the product(s) that you are wanting, simply select the monthly subscription option (as shown below) and add those products to your cart.

Step 3 – Check Out

Once you have selected your product(s), simply go through the check-out and make payment like you normally would. You will need to make a card payment (credit or debit) for this option.

Have More Questions or Need Any Help?

If you would like to find out more about Oil Science’s monthly subscription option or if you are needing any assistance, kindly reach out to Gillian at or on 073 451 2690.

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